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"He whose heart is a calming force through the virtue of compassion,
In whom the gloom of ignorance is dispelled with the glow of wisdom,
The one who is a teacher in realms of gods and men,
I bow to the Buddha, who has nowhere else to journey"


program of the Asociation Karuṇā Sevena


Dear friends, 

for obvious reasons, we are canceling all 

Karuṇā Sevena activities until further notice and for those of you who have already applied for retreats, we will propose alternative dates as soon as the crisis situation in our country improves.

We wish everyone peaceful days,

may you all be happy and well. 

Lots mettā.


Following the tradition Venerable lives only on what is given to her from lay people dāna. The Dhamma teaching from her is given as well in a form of a gift to others (dhammadāna). Generosity is highly cherished in all the Buddhist countries in Southern Asia and it

is considered as a fundamental value and a way to overcome the natural human greed and egoism. Traditionally in the writings dāna is defined as any activity by which one gives something to another without expecting anything back. A gift that is given with an intention or expectation to receive something back cannot be considered as a dāna... read more >


was founded as a monastic dwelling and a refuge for bhikkhunī Visuddhi. The practitioners in the ārāma Karuṇā Sevena live according to the Buddha’s teaching and a firmly set discipline (dhamma-vinaya). The ārāma Karuṇā Sevena is a place of contemplation, meditation and training of living in seclusion. It is a space free of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It is a suitable environment for those who seek refuge in The Triple Gem and a space for one’s spiritual practice for anyone who wants to spend some time developing tranquility and meditation within a protected environment... read more >

The contact to support projects and activities of the Association Karuṇā Sevena: 6855804001/5500, IBAN: CZ6755000000006855804001, SWIFT: RZBCCZPP  - The funds are used to cover the basic monastic needs of the Venerable bhikkhunī Visuddhi, such as - robe, food, medicine and abode (this also covers transportation, accommodation, air tickets, etc.). Distribution of books, construction of the meditation room, the furnishing of the monastery KS, insurance, utility bills, etc. Tax deductible in the Czech Republic. Please state the reason for the donation with the following note" For the Association KS."

The contact for the project Suriya Lamai: 6855679001/5500, IBAN: CZ4955000000006855679001, SWIFT: RZBCCZPP

- The intention of the project Suriya Lamai “The Children of the Sun” is to enable children from poor families to develop and educate themselves and to provide them with basic needs. The donation is tax deductible in the Czech Republic.

Neither of the above is a public collection, and therefore we ask all donors to add their contact information to their gift, so that we can issue a donation agreement contract or a donation receipt. We thank all the donors.

Link to the Paypal for foreign donors:

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