Early Buddhist texts

The Buddha, having found the way out of suffering himself, wanted to help others to be able to reach the very same goal. After three months from his Enlightenment, he gave his first teaching to his 5 early followers. The Buddha wanted to transmit instructions to human beings as guidance towards their own freedom, not as dogmas to blindly follow.


“Ehipassiko” = come and see for yourself


The teachings cover a wide range of topics, including ethics, meditation, family life, renunciation, the nature of wisdom and true understanding, and the path towards peace.


Vinayapiṭaka - Monastic Law: This first basket contains the list of rules for monks and nuns

Suttapiṭaka - Discourses: These are the primary texts, consisting of records of teachings or conversations by the Buddha or his disciples. It is composed of general discourses of the Buddha. They are arranged by literary style or subject matter.

Abhidhammapiṭaka - Abhidhamma: This last basket includes a number of texts that are systematic summaries and analyses of the teachings. It is a commentary of the philosophical aspect of the teaching.

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