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Dhamma school for children with bhikkhunī Visuddhi takes place once every two weeks. The same topics are covered as in the sutta study class but the learning environment is adapted to a child's perception of the world and to a child's mind. The children usually ask different types of questions than adults do and they are generally more spontaneous and curious. They act naturally and they are open to speak about issues that are often considered taboo, like death or decay. It could be hard in the beginning for a lay western practitioner who was not brought up in an Asian cultural environment to practice ritual acts of devotion and worship to the Triple Gem – like chanting, prostrating to the Buddha and lighting incense – and oftentimes we somehow do it a bit stiffly and tentatively.

Children love bowing to the Buddha, chantings and offerings because they experience everything directly from the heart and tend not to think so much about it. Venerable Visuddhi guides the children according to their individual needs and with immense kindness and patience. Her classes about Buddha's teaching are always filled with play, humour and laughter. 

Even small children can learn how to meditate, how to cultivate moral conduct and develop qualities like generosity, loving-kindness, compassion and love.

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