Island country Sri Lanka is located close to the Indian Peninsula on the Ceylon island. Ceylon used to be the official name of the country till the year 1972. About 75% of Sinhalese live in this multi-ethnic country. The minority is made up by Indian Tamil people. Since 1830 Tamils were imported on the island from India as a labour force to work on the tea plantations. The country faced almost thirty years of civil conflicts. The fights for creating own independed state organized by the “Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam“ ended in 2009. The government military force defeated the Tigers. The fights caused many victims (up to 100.000). About three hundred thousand refugees were on the way through the island country. In 2005 this beautiful country faced destroying tsunami wave. Our organization concentrates on a help to orphans, poor children and families from the far-away areas.

1. Women nunnery Sakyadhīta

The vision of the nunnery is to educate Buddhist nuns to establish a very good knowledge of Dhamma (Buddha's teaching) and Vinaya (monastic rules). The aim is to become very good at meditation practice and to be able to lead the Buddhist monastery.


The nun education trains them in the areas of computer knowledge, in providing social and humanitarian help. Nuns play a very important role in Sri Lanka now especially in the areas of social service. In the society the nuns help to change the attitude towards education. 

Whom are the nuns from this monastery helping? Buddhist nuns, who have only been limited to a spiritual service in the past now in addition to that play an important role in Sri Lanka, both as social workers and in the local society, they are helping to change attitudes towards education.

Following professional service is provided in the nunnery educational center:

-educating children at school
social service for poor families
consultancy and education for pregnant women
weekly meditation courses for children and adults
Dhamma courses in cooperation with the local communities and schools
humanitarian help following the natural disasters

The nuns were giving a great amount of humanitarian help especially in the year of 2003 or as well right after the tsunami disaster in 2005-2006 or during the landslides in the central mountain areas of Sri Lanka in the recent years.

2. Home for orphans “Angela home“

Girls that got lost or lost their parents or were abandoned from unknown reason lived in this home located close to the Colombo. Seventeen girls in the age of five to eighteen were living in this orphan's home. During several years our organization representatives visited this home and delivered school items, hygienic and medical necessities to the girls. Nowadays

the girls are placed in the next similar homes.

Girls were placed into this home on the bases of the court decision. They attended the school from their fifth year in the nearby village. One could see a great amount of gratitude shown to our representatives as they were delivering the help. Our friends did not forget to bring to the girls various toys and small sweets.

The terms and surroundings in the home were difficult. The old buildings were from the hygienic aspects inappropriate. A breeding place for mosquitos represented a huge problem because of the chance of infection and contamination. The orphan's home started to have a difficult situation and problems with the neighbor who stole a great part of the land belonging to the orphan's home. The neighbour was threatening the people around and showed aggressive behaviour. The Angela home management tried to solve the situation in peace. However, because of worries about the security of the orphans and due to the lack of tangible things during the court action, it was decided to leave the existing premises and find new ones. After the acute critical situation Angelo Home Association decided to leave the orphan's home and find a new substitute home for the orphans’ kids. The girls were accommodated in the nearby located orphan´s home for boys. Nowadays they are living scattered in the other homes all around the area.

Nuwara Eliya is mountain area name that is known as the highest located place in Sri Lanka. It lies in the Central province and very poor families live there with their children. In 2014, Karuṇā Sevena, distributed humanitarian aid and helped to the poorest families and their children during the catastrophic landslides. Nuwara Eliya is as well a name for a canton town located close to the country's highest peak Pidurutalagala in 1,868 m.

Approximately 27,500 inhabitants live in the town of Nuwara Eliya. The town is located in the Sinhalese (Sinhala) speaking part of the island. Fast four thousand of Tamil people live here. They came from India, searching for jobs in the local tea plantations. Commissioned officer and adventurer Samuel Baker established the town in 1846. He initiated cultivation and planting of vegetables, fruits and coffee trees in this area. At the end of 19th century fungus “Hemileia vastatrix“ killed the coffee trees here. The owners of the local plantations started to concentrate on the tea plants. The territorrial climate around Nuwara Eliya is exceptionally in favour to the tea plants. Resident Orange type of tea belongs to the most quality sorts of tea all around the world.

Besides of this, potatoes, carrots and roses are cultivated and grown in the town surroundings. Those plants and veggies enjoy the mild climate here.

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