Bhikkhunī Visuddhi is a fully ordained Buddhist nun (bhikkhunī) of theravāda tradition and Dhamma and meditation teacher from the Czech Republic. Her first teacher, Venerable Rewatadhamma Sayado, a prominent Theravāda Buddhist monk and noted Abhidhamma scholar from Myanmar, inspired bhikkhunī and brought her to the path of Buddha’s teaching. In 2003, after practicing Dhamma for many years as a lay practitioner in Buddhist monastery Dhammapala in Switzerland, venerable left to go to Sri Lanka and received ordination as a sāmaṇerī. She lived a simple life of seclusion in Srī Gothami ārāma in Olabudowa, a small poor village, among other nuns. Along with her teacher bhikkhunī Matale Vijitha and other nuns, she was focused on teaching the Dhamma, doing social work and caring for the poor and suffering. Bhikkhunī Visuddhi gave a special attention to poverty stricken children: She taught Sunday Dhamma school in Olabudowa and Sambodhi Vihāra in Colombo and founded Suriya Lamai project Children of the Sun.” Its aim is to enable children from poor families to be educated and to be provided with basic needs.

In 2006, for 10 months she studied and trained in Fo Kuang Shan Temple near Kaohsiung district in Taiwan and ordained as a Dharmaguptaka bhikkhunī at Tzu Yun Temple in Nanzi Disctrict, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. In February 2007, Venerable returned to Sri Gothami ārāma in Sri Lanka and continued living in her bhikkhunī community there. For more than ten years, Venerable bhikkhunī Visuddhi also practiced as a student and later as an assistant teacher under Venerable Bhante Pemasiri, who is one of the most respected and skilled traditional meditation teachers in Sri Lanka. 

In 2008, Venerable Visuddhi started regularly visiting monasteries in Europe, such as Aneñja Vihāra in Germany or Dhammapala in Switzerland. In 2012, she set up, along with her supporters, her own monastic dwelling, (bhikkhunī ārāma), named Karuṇā Sevena (Abode of Compassion) in Prostejov, Czech Republic. In 2015 Venerable completed Daḷhīkamma Vinaya procedure and acceptance in the Theravāda bhikkhu and bhikkhunī Saṅgha in Sri Lanka.

Her approach toward students is individual, patient and compassionate. From the beginning or her relocation to Europe, Venerable Visuddhi has been running a Dhamma school in  the Czech Republic for children of all ages, which has given her years of experience. She is regularly being invited to speak about the Buddhas teaching and mettā meditation to students at schools and colleges in
the Czech Republic.

The Buddha established an order of bhikkhus and bhikkhunīs (monks/nuns) in order to support the dhamma-vinaya practice and

to protect the teaching for the future generations. Up to this day, Saṅgha passes the teaching on to generations of monks and nuns as well as lay followers. The fact, that venerable bhikkhunī Visuddhi resides and practices in Czech Republic in the heart of Europe, gives

us an extraordinary and rare opportunity to obtain a direct mediation of the Buddha’s teaching through a representative and a member of the Saṅgha. Following an order is an essential part of a spiritual
practice not only for monks and nuns but also for us,

lay practitioners ... read more >

In 2016, thanks to generous donations, the ārāma Karuṇā Sevena underwent a large reconstruction, that included building a new meditation hall. Meditators are now welcome to visit the dwelling (ārāma) and stay for a retreat seclusion under the guidance of Venerable bhikkhunī Visuddhi.Venerable is dedicating herself mainly to cultivation of ethics and good qualities and meditation practice satipaṭṭhāna and mettā, and at the same time, she is focusing on the study of Early Buddhist texts.

Her students are coming from different backgrounds from countries all around the world, such as Czech Republic, Sri Lanka, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, UK, Switzerland, Poland, USA and Puerto Rico. She competently teaches adults, with a special focus on
mothers, children and teenagers.


The contact to support projects and activities of the Association Karuṇā Sevena: 6855804001/5500, IBAN: CZ6755000000006855804001, SWIFT: RZBCCZPP  - The funds are used to cover the basic monastic needs of the Venerable bhikkhunī Visuddhi, such as - robe, food, medicine and abode (this also covers transportation, accommodation, air tickets, etc.). Distribution of books, construction of the meditation room, the furnishing of the monastery KS, insurance, utility bills, etc. Tax deductible in the Czech Republic. Please state the reason for the donation with the following note" For the Association KS."

The contact for the project Suriya Lamai: 6855679001/5500, IBAN: CZ4955000000006855679001, SWIFT: RZBCCZPP

- The intention of the project Suriya Lamai “The Children of the Sun” is to enable children from poor families to develop and educate themselves and to provide them with basic needs. The donation is tax deductible in the Czech Republic.

Neither of the above is a public collection, and therefore we ask all donors to add their contact information to their gift, so that we can issue a donation agreement contract or a donation receipt. We thank all the donors.

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