The purpose of studying the suttas is to learn the original texts that come from the times of the Buddha. The Buddha recounted meaningful stories to the lay followers to make their understanding of Dhamma easier, and to inspire them to practice thoroughly. The stories from the time of the Buddha are eye-opening... 

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If you would genuinely like to know more about the meditation practice, and about Dhamma teaching, you are warmly welcome to join our weekend retreats, where every basic step is thoroughly explained.  


During every weekend retreat practitioners will be guided step by step into the rules of the ārāma, will be introduced to Dhamma, and well supported in their meditation practice... read more >


Buddhist education for all, for adults, youngsters and children. Venerable bhikkhunī Visuddhi dedicates her time to teach Dhamma and meditation to children once every two weeks.


The same topic is covered as in the as in the sutta study class but the learning environment is adapted to a child's perception of the world and to a child's mind.  Classes are held in the ārāma Karuṇā Sevena... read more >

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It consists of the common reading and analyses

of the original discourses (sutta). Sutta study class is regularly held every two weeks on Saturdays, and it is open to everyone – both advanced practitioners and beginners are welcome to join... read more >


Meditation seclusion refers to a short or a long term stay in the ārāma, which is dedicated to individual practice, silence, and investigation of Dhamma. The time spent in seclusion will be mostly with yourself and your mind... read more >