Venerable Rewatadhamma Sayado, a well known theravāda Buddhist monk and a great expert in Abhidhamma from Myanmar, was the first teacher of venerable Bhikkhunī Visuddhi who very much inspired her to pursue the path of Buddha’s teaching. Venerable Visuddhi practiced more than a decade as a student and later as an assistant of the venerable Bhante Pemasiri thera. Bhante Pemasiri is one of the most respected and experienced traditional meditation teachers in Sri Lanka


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The term Theravāda means „School of the Elders“. The Theravāda school is the oldest authentic form of Buddha's teaching that has been preserved from the ancient until the modern times.One of the tzpical features of the Theravāda tradition is the conservative approach to the Buddha’s teachings, together with the emphasis on meditation practise and strict discipline (vinaya)... read more >

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Monks and nuns would ideally spend their vassāna period engaging in intensive meditation and other spiritual pursuits. The Buddha, seeing that the period of intense spiritual practice and communal discipline had greatly benefitted the monks, formally instituted the ‘Rains Retreat’ whereby monks and nuns were to refrain from traveling and engage in any tiring activity, in order to focus their attention inwardly towards spiritual development and purification... read more >