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Following a disciplined and orderly lifestyle is an essential part of spiritual practice not only for monks and nuns but also for us, lay practitioners. During your stay, we expect your natural involvement in the way the ārāma runs. The daily schedule is similar in all Theravāda Buddhist monasteries. Mornings begin with a group meditation, then the midmorning activities include shared cleaning activities, cooking, washing the dishes and doing smaller household chores cultivating a feeling of lightness and being joyful. The rest of the day is dedicated to contemplation, studies and meditation practice.

The following timetable was designed to maintain the continuity of practice. In order to get the best results, the lay followers are encouraged to adhere to it thoroughly.

5:00 Wake-up alarm and hygiene period
5:15 Morning meditation practice
6:00 Preparation of breakfest and cleaning the rooms - practicing mindfulness in the daily working activities
7:00 Breakfest
7:30 Cleaning up the kitchen
8:00 Discussion about organizing the work schedule for the day
8:30 Working period – practicing mindfulness in the daily working activities

10:00 Dāna - offering the food to Venerable bhikkhunī
10:10 Preparation of Lunch and cleaning the kitchen afterward, grocery shopping, personal laundry
11:15 Pūja – recitation and offering the food to Buddha
11:30 Lunch
12:00 Cleaning up the kitchen
13:00 Afternoon resting period
14:00 Individual meditation practice

16:00 Individual interview with bhikkhunī
17:00 Tea & coffee, personal hygiene
18:00 VandanāEvening chanting
19:00 Individual meditation practice
22:00 Bedtime, turning the alarm on

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