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Pregnant women

In the nunnery called "Sakyadhita" in Sri Lanka we help expectant women to be able to manage to take care of their children during the pregnancy and after giving birth, too. There are many young women who come here and search for help. Nuns who undertook special medical training are in charge of taking care of pregnant women.

What can you donate?

medical check up by a doctor = 12,- EUR per a visit
nutrition for a newborn baby = 55,- EUR
medical exam, check up by a doctor for one pregnant woman for 9 months = 117,- EUR
The baby delivery is FREE for the most poor families in a government hospital in Sri Lanka.

How is the care for the pregnant women being organized?

According to venerable bhikkhunī Visuddhi it is important that the mothers are kept calm and relaxed. Their babies can be fine then, too. For this reason the women's care concentrates on this aspect of calmness. In the nunnery Sakyadhita the very young women often at the age of sixteen or seventeen mostly without any life experience are thought how to take care of the children. This starts already from the early pregnancy period of the young woman. The young women are led by the nuns through the Buddha's teachings to perceive the unborn child fetus. The women are thought to communicate with the child as soon as possible. They get an introduction about not only the baby care basics in the pregnancy period but as well get advice about the baby care after the birth giving. Young women receive all the support from the educated and medically trained nuns. 

Expectant mothers also learn the Dhamma (Buddha's teaching) as well as meditation in the monastery.  For example Buddha described the perception of the unborn baby fetus. There is not enough space and there is darkness in the mother's womb for the baby fetus. The unborn baby fetus perceives the surrounding world through the mother. Until the time the hearing is developed all the information is received only through the navel cord. Even the mother's sentiments and feelings are becoming the sentiments and feelings of the baby.

Těhotné ženy
Těhotné ženy
Těhotné ženy
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Těhotné ženy
Těhotné ženy

Support of the Project Suriya Lamai

Full name of the account holder: Spolek Karuna Sevena 

Bank account: 6855679001/5500; IBAN: CZ4955000000006855679001; SWIFT: RZBCCZPP

Address of the recipient: Slezska 3; City: Prostejov, Zipcode: 79601; Country: Czech Republic  



The intention of the project Suriya Lamai “The Children of the Sun” is to enable children from underprivileged families to develop and educate themselves and to provide them with basic needs.


The donation is tax-deductible in the Czech Republic.

Please state the reason for the donation with the following note" For the Children of SL."

Neither of the above is a public collection, and therefore we ask all donors to add their contact information to their gift, so that we can issue a donation agreement contract or a donation receipt. We thank all the donors.

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