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There are different body postures (iriyāpatha) for meditation. Meditation can be done in one of the four postures: Sitting (nisinna), Standing (ṭhita), Walking (gacchanta), and Lying (sayāna). It is important to find a conducive place to meditate where you will

not be disturbed by too many outer distractions...

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The word ānāpānasati is a compound of three technical terms: ānā means in-breathing, āpāna means out-breathing, sati means awareness or mindfulness. Awareness of inhalation and exhalation is regarded as the main and initial practice for the development

of concentration or the jhānic absorptions. It is claimed that the technique greatly helped not only the present Buddha Gotama, but all Buddhas preceding him, in winning supreme enlightenment... read more >

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In the satipaṭṭhāna-vipassanā teachings of the 

Satipaṭṭhāna sutta, the Buddha explains how we develop sati-sampajaññaHe explains how we turn our bodies, our feelings, our states of mind, and the objects of our minds towards the whole-some and beneficial. The Buddha explains how

we turn towards sammā-sati in order to overcome decay and death. The meditation practice taught by the Buddha in the Satipaṭṭhāna sutta is a large comprehensive subject that... read more >


Now we are going to investigate who and what we really are. As has already been explained, the word vipassanā means ‘insight’ in the sense of seeing things as they really are. In order to gain proficiency in the practice of Insight meditation it is essential

for you to strengthen your powers of awareness

and concentration. To this end you need to exercise precise and objective awareness of the touch-feeling of the breath... read more >


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