Following a disciplined and orderly lifestyle is an essential part of spiritual practice not only for monks and nuns but also for us, lay practitioners. During your stay, we expect your natural involvement in the way the ārāma runs. The following timetable was designed to maintain the continuity of practice. ... read more >

Anyone is warmly welcome to visit Ārāma Karunā Sevena. If you are interested in getting to know and practicing the Buddha’s teaching, developing your meditation practice and spiritual growth, the Ārāma Karunā Sevena will be a place where you can find peace, kindness, and acceptance.


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Meditation seclusions are accessible to lay practitioners thanks to the generosity of the previous and current donors. The prices listed on this page are merely to provide a general idea of what the ārāma will need to pay for each activity. However, whatever you feel to give will be gratefully received... read more >

During their stay, practitioners are requested to observe the Eight Precepts and to participate in community activities


Besides the precepts, it is fundamental to respect certain other rules in order to gain the maximum benefit from the experience. We invite you to carefully read this page to become familiar with the organization of the ārāma dwelling... read more >


These training rules are moral guidelines to help devotees to maintain an effective practice, and develop higher understanding of the teaching through the clarity of one’s own mind. You can read more about the 8 precepts for meditation seclusions and 5 precepts for daily life. 


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After carefully reading the Terms and Conditions and the Daily Schedule of Ārāma Karuṇā Sevena, fill out the Application Form and we will contact you with more information about your stay request... read more >