Dear friends,


May this email find you well and happy. It’s Autumn and we like to share with you our activities at the ārāma Karuṇā Sevena. 





We appreciate your precious donations. Thanks to your generosity, Bhikkhunī can

continue to live her monastic life. May your merits bring you good health and

peace of mind. 


Please check the link below if you wish to financially support Venerable Visuddhi.


If you would like to send a food donation, feel free to contact the ārāma or send us

an email to define the details of the delivery. If you are not able to personally deliver it,

there is the possibility to order food online and have it delivered to the ārāma. A number

of supermarkets, restaurants, and cafes have the free-delivery option. We invite you to

check with your selected shop for more information.



We kindly invite you to check the calendar on our website to know all the activities planned for the following months. Also, you may want to book yourself a place for the meditation retreats as soon as possible, as the accommodation capacity is limited. 


At the moment, some courses are already fully booked. If you wish to participate in one of the activities that are all already booked, feel free to send us an email. We will inform you of any eventual cancellation. 






We are glad to announce that the evening joint meeting for recitations and blessings.

It will take place every Wednesday at 6:00 PM (GMT+2).

Anyone is welcomed to join. Please find the link and the details at the link:




If you haven’t check it out yet, you are warmly welcome to read the new Karuṇā Sevena blog. We regularly update it with news, information about Bhikkhunī Saṅgha, Sri Lanka, etc. There, you can also find the latest updates about the donation campaigns for Suriya Lamai and SOS Help for Sri Lanka. 


Feel free to read more:



Meanwhile, if you or anyone you know would like to financially help Venerable

Bhikkhunī Visuddhi and/or her Suriya Lamai project for Sri Lanka, you are

warmly invited to check the donation page on our website, where you can find

all the available payment methods. 


Due to the lockdown restrictions, bhikkhunīs in Sri Lanka are not receiving

enough food and medicine. Senior bhikkhunīs from Sakyadhita ārāma have

been helping other monasteries with primary needs. Any extra help will be

greatly appreciated. 




We would like to thank you from the whole Karuṇā Sevena Society and Venerable Bhikkhunī Visuddhi for your generous donation to the affected families in Sri Lanka. We are very grateful for such an expression of care and support in this challenging time. We are happy to share common merits with you!


As many of you may already know, SOS Help for Sri Lanka is our latest project. The country has been facing great difficulties due to the latest COVID-19 outbreak. We are hoping to support as many families as possible and provide as many ventilators as we can to local hospitals. They are in urgent need of medical equipment and support. One ventilator has already been delivered to Peradeniya Hospital. Please find attached to this email the leaflet with all the details about the project for your consideration. 


You can find any updates and pictures regarding all the ongoing donations on our blog




The project Suriya Lamai is also supporting a number of Sri Lankan bhikkhunīs,

along with local women and children. 


This is a hard period for everyone, including bhikkhunīs. They have received little or no support over the past year because of the COVID restrictions. This project would be able to provide some help to them as well as to the local communities.


The senior nuns from Sakyadhita ārāma, in the outskirt of Colombo, were lucky enough to receive the official authorization from the police to deliver donations despite the lockdown restrictions. And thanks to the generosity of donors, they were able to deliver over 50 packages of dry food for underprivileged families in the neighborhood and to provide food donations to 21 bhikkhunī ārāmas.

See more pictures HERE


The calendar for the New Year is already uploaded on the website, and the bookings are already open. Feel free to have a look at it and to contact us at for more info.


Thank you for being with us, 

Kind regards,

Karuṇā Sevena