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Greetings dear friends,
we hope you enjoyed the summer and started your September joys and duties successfully. We have some information about the activities of the venerable Visuddhi and the program in the ārāma Karuṇā Sevena for the coming months.
On September 25, at 7.30 pm, a venerable Sīlavaṇsa's public lecture on compassion (in German with translation to Czech)
will be held in the Center Lotus in Prague.
Do not miss this event.
Venerable is living and teaching in Vienna. https://www.dhammazentrum.at
Starting in  October, Venerable bhikkhunī  Visuddhi will hold a public Dhamma talk in Bodhi Olomouc (about 20 mins from Karuṇā Sevena)  every month. 
More information at: Bodhi.Olomouc@seznam.cz
Unfortunately, a beginners' meditation weekend, Kathina and meditation stays in ārāma Karuṇā Sevena are canceled due to the roof repair at Viveka in October. We would like to ask you for help with cleaning Viveka after the repair is finished in the end of October. Volunteers can write a message to this email. It would be Saturday, 26th October.
The more of you come, the sooner we are done. Thank you!
The Venerable bhikkhunī  Visuddhi will stay in Sri Lanka in November until mid-December.
Starting in February, there will be a 3 month course for newcomers "Alphabet of Happy Life I" and also
for advanced students "Alphabet of Happy Life II" at the Center Lotus in Prague. The course will be taught by bhikkhunī  Visuddhi and Libor Sulak every Wednesday and Thursday from 6pm.
Email to lotuscentrum@gmail.com
The Venerable Visuddhi will give two Dhamma talks in Bratislava, Slovakia on 15.10. and 11.2. for parents and children and for summer we are preparing a Dhamma school for children in Javorie.
Starting from the New Year, at your request, we plan regular monthly "meditation weekends in silence" in ārāma Karuṇā Sevena. We will specify the dates. You can sign up for all activities now, as well as for individual meditation retreats. We look forward to seeing you.
We are looking for regular donors, please do not stop to support bhikkhunī Visuddhi and the Association Karuṇā Sevena. "Even tiny drops, if dripped long enough, can penetrate through the rock."
More information about our programs and news about the venerable bhikkhunī Visuddhi and Karuṇā Sevena can be found on the KS website and facebook.
We wish you a beautiful fall and we look forward to meeting you.
Ivona Swan,

President of Karuṇā Sevena

The contact to support projects and activities of the Association Karuṇā Sevena: 6855804001/5500, IBAN: CZ6755000000006855804001, SWIFT: RZBCCZPP  - The funds are used to cover the basic monastic needs of the Venerable bhikkhunī Visuddhi, such as - robe, food, medicine and abode (this also covers transportation, accommodation, air tickets, etc.). Distribution of books, construction of the meditation room, the furnishing of the monastery KS, insurance, utility bills, etc. Tax deductible in the Czech Republic. Please state the reason for the donation with the following note" For the Association KS."

The contact for the project Suriya Lamai: 6855679001/5500, IBAN: CZ4955000000006855679001, SWIFT: RZBCCZPP

- The intention of the project Suriya Lamai “The Children of the Sun” is to enable children from poor families to develop and educate themselves and to provide them with basic needs. The donation is tax deductible in the Czech Republic.

Neither of the above is a public collection, and therefore we ask all donors to add their contact information to their gift, so that we can issue a donation agreement contract or a donation receipt. We thank to all the donors.

Link to the Paypal for foreign donors: