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Program of activities Karuṇā Sevena

Buddhist holidays - Uposatha days

We cordially invite to ārāmā Karuṇā Sevena all true practitioners who are firmly grounded in Buddhist ethical principles, who realize the interdependence between the lay and monastic communities, and who have matured to understand the Buddhist path of cultivating the mind.

                 Program for 2023 - 2024  

The possibility of individual meditation seclusion 


For those who are interested in individual practice and a retreat, we offer the possibility of self-guided sessions.


 October 2023 


  Weekly  Protective Recitations (paritta)

We will be broadcasting live from Sri Lanka. 

Evening join meeting for recitations and blessings. 

Recitations take place every Sunday at 2 pm CET.

Read more HERE.


  06.10. - 08.10.  Meditation course for newcommers and begginers

We cordially invite you to this course, where you will learn in detail step by step the meditation practice and teaching of the Dhamma under the guidance of the Venerable Visuddhi.

Read more HERE.



 November 2023 


  Weekly  Protective Recitations (paritta)

Evening joint meeting for recitations and blessings. 

Recitations take place every Wednesday at 6 pm CET. 

Read more HERE.

  05.11 Kaṭhina - Buddhist festival

We cordially invite you to join us for the annual Kaṭhina celebration. Kathina is the most important Buddhist festival in the Theravāda tradition after Vesākhā.

Read more > HERE. 


 Winter period 2023 - 2024 


The Venerable Bhikkhunī Visuddhi is in seclusion during this period, staying in Sri Lanka. She does not teach or give talks during this time. 

Feel free to send and e-mail to: for more information.

 January 6  2023  

Duruthu (phussa) uposatha

>> The Buddha’s first visit to Sri Lanka


 February 5  2023   

Navam (māgha) uposatha

>> The day of the ordination of ven. Sāriputta and

ven. Mahā Moggalāna.

The First Buddhist council after the Buddha’s death



 March 6  2023  

Medin (phagguṇa) uposatha
>> The first Buddha’s visit to his kingdom Kapilavattu,

after reaching the enlightenment



 April 5 2023   

Bak (citta) uposatha

>> The second Buddha’s visit to Sri Lanka,

Sri Lankan New Year



 May 5 2023   

Vesak (vesākhā) uposatha

>> The celebration of Buddha’s birthday,

his enlightenment and entering the parinibbāna



 June 3 2023   

Poson (jeṭṭhā) uposatha

>> The beginning of Buddhism in Sri Lanka



 July 3 2023   

Adhi Esala (āsāḷhā) uposatha

>> Adhi Esala Full Moon Poya Day is official marked and celebrated in Sri Lanka over a span of 15 years. 

Day of the Dhamma, the First Discourse of the Buddha, the arrival of the sacred toothrelic in Sri Lanka



 July 3 - October 29 2023   

Vassa (vassāna)

>> Beginning of rain retreats


August 1 2023  

Esala (āsāḷhā) uposatha 

>> Day of the Dhamma, the First Discourse of the Buddha, the arrival of the sacred toothrelic in Sri Lanka

 August 30 2023  

Nikini (sāvana) uposatha

>> Seclusion of monks and nuns after the Buddha’s

passing away, the time of fasting and seclusion for monastic communities

 September 29 2023  

Bināra (poṭṭhapāda) uposatha

>> The day of the inauguration of the bhikkhunī Saṅgha


 October 28 2023   

Vap (assayuja) uposatha, - Pavāraṇā

>> The end of Vassa period, the day of the Abhidhamma - The Buddha was teaching the Abhidhamma to the gods

in the Tāvatiṃsa heaven



 November 26  2023  

Il (kattikā) uposatha

>> The day of passing away of venerable Sāriputta,

the Buddha ordained the first sixty disciples



 December 26 2023  

Unduvap (māgasira) uposatha

>> The day of Bodhi, bringing of the Bodhi tree

by Saṅghamittā therī to Srí Lanka



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