Dhammadesanā | Online Dhamma teaching 

Alphabet of Buddha's Teachings | Regular teaching of the Dhamma

The purpose of studying the suttas is to learn the original texts that come from the times of the Buddha. The Buddha recounted meaningful stories to the lay followers to make their understanding of Dhamma easier, and to inspire them to practice thoroughly. The stories from the time of the Buddha are eye-opening. Reading 2500 years old discourses not only is intriguing, but it also provides us with clear and detailed instructions for our practice.

Every Tuesday in an odd week, we hold regular online Dhamma lessons at 7:00 pm on a specific topic arising from the Buddha's discourses, meditation practice, and daily life called the Alphabet of the Buddha's Teachings. The study is intended for complete beginners and advanced. 

We start on 9.3.2021

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This program is currently only in the Czech language.

Protective Recitations (paritta)evening joint meeting for recitations and blessings 

The Buddha recommended recitations as protection against certain suffering. Belief in the effective power to heal or protect the sacca-kiriya or in acknowledging something completely true is an aspect ascribed to the paritta. Recitations can also take place on favorable occasions, such as the opening of a new monastery, the birth of a child, and the termination of studies. Recitations provide blessings to those who attend or listen to them. As well as those to whom they are devoted. 

Discourses about paritta are also recited on unfavorable occasions, illnesses, dying, the loss of a loved one, or, for example, at a funeral or death anniversary. They can also be recited to mitigate natural disasters and other adverse effects. 

We start on March 3, 2021 

Recitations take place every Wednesday at 7 pm.

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Mettā Meditation | An evening meeting in the development of mettā

The meditation of love and lovingkindness. Most of us have the idea that by meditation the most important thing is to reach states of peace of mind. At the same time, what is no less important is the development of good states of mind, such as compassion and love. This kind of love does not choose anyone, does not favor anyone, and that neither judges nor rejects. You will get acquainted with the technique of mettā meditation and its use in practice.

Like last year, this year it is possible to meet every week on Wednesday at 7 pm for a joint mettā meditation. Mettā meditation will follow the recitations. It is not separate teaching, but rather a calm and compassionate end to recitations and blessings. 

We start March 3, 2021 

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Meeting ID: 870 8835 6722

Passcode: 751374

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Before the meeting, we will send you a link to your email with access data to the virtual "room". In the meantime, it would be advisable to download software (free and easy to use) to your computer or mobile phone, which we will use:

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 If we want to maintain a "real" atmosphere and feel safe in the company of all participants in a "virtual" meeting, Venerable Bhikkhunī Visuddhi asks you to follow these rules, please: 

  • use your real name (not pseudonym, etc.) to access the room 

  • if the situation and the relevant context allow, make yourself visible during discussion sessions, sessions that will be interactive for all other participants (including the teacher), via your webcam

  • note: interactions are obviously not "mandatory", silent presence is fine

  • during the meditation, close the relevant webcams and rejoin the video during the next discussion

  • DO NOT RECORD our meeting in any form (so that each of you can ask questions in peace and freedom, etc.) 

Thank you for your understanding. 


Take this opportunity and do not miss the opportunity to meet the only Czech Buddhist nun of the Theravāda tradition, who will guide you through the basics of meditation and theory to a happier life. 


The teachings are given in the form of a gift (dhammadāna), and monastics as in the time of the Buddha, are dependent on the donations of the laity. By making a voluntary contribution, you will support the monastic life of the Venerable Bhikkhunī Visuddhi and the existence of the Karuṇā Sevena monastic dwelling. 


We look forward to seeing you online.