Our organization helped to support Klara Taussig family. Both of her two sons suffer from deadly sickness of muscular apparatus, called Duchenne muscular dystrophy (Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy = DMD). Klara has been a Buddhist practitioner under the lead of the venerable Visuddhi. She has been doing the utmost to secure her family and to work on her minds. We have contributed to the research that has got a chance to influence children's lives with this so far incurable disease.

This sickness affects approximately one of three thousand six hundred to six thousand born boys. 

The disease is binded to X chromosome. According to the genetic rules only boys can be affected by this sickness. The women can be only a disease vector, a medium. Approximately 35 % of cases appear due to the consequence of a coincidental mutation. Even if the parents are absolutely healthy couple, they can get a baby with this disease. Patients with DMD are absolutely missing dystrophin – that means polypeptide, protein in the inner surface of the muscular cell membrane. A weakness and a loss of the active muscular mass are characteristic for this disease. A boy is born at the beginning without any symptoms. The symptoms start slowly starting the second year of the boy life. For example a difficulty with walking starts to appear. After certain period of time the boy needs to use a wheel chair. Nowadays there does not exist any treatment for this disease.

In the years of 2015 - 2016 Karuṇā Sevena and Suriya Lamai helped pregnant women, mothers with small and abandoned children that were fleeing from the war zones of Syria.

In the years of 2015 - 2016 Karuṇā Sevena and Suriya Lamai helped pregnant women, mothers with small and abandoned children that were fleeing from the war zones of Syria.Needed basic items, such as food, water, medicines, hygienic items and clothing in the value of 2.335,- EUR were donated and distributed to these women and children in need. In the years of 2014-2015 Karuṇā Sevena supported financially pregnant women and mothers with small children and abandoned children that were fleeing from the war zones in Syria. Needed basic items, such as food, water, medicines, hygienic items and clothing were donated and distributed to these women and children in need thanks to the help of Czech volunteers right in the terrain at the Hungarian, Serbian, Croatian and partly as well Czech Republic borders. Volunteers were helping lost children to find their parents and vice-versa. They were giving the elementary medical care. The pregnant women and mothers giving the birth belonged to the high risk groups. A help line was established and people could call 24 hours every day in case they were badly in a need of help and in a crisis life situation. Herewith, we thank you to everyone who helped in this project.

Who are we? We are a small nonprofit organization that came into being in response to the refugee crisis and the negative attitude of a major part of the Czech public to refugees, with the intention to find effective ways of making refugees' lives more tolerable and easier. All the parents in refugee camps face difficult changes in emotions and behavior of their children. Therefore, we would like to provide them with professional, yet simple information about what they can do to help treat trauma in their children (and themselves). 

We think that it is possible to help and so we are trying.

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At the Dhamma School, children learn the basics of the Buddha's teaching by reading Buddha's life stories, playing games, through narratives, or coloring, and they also receive an initial instruction for meditation. The venerable bhikkhunī Visuddhi therī focuses on the education of ethics, etiquette, and the development of good qualities of mind such as compassion, generosity, love, tolerance, etc. The Dhamma school is attended by both small and older children. It is possible to contribute, for example, for books, games, coloring pages of mandalas, crayons.

What can you donate for?

crayons, coloring books and paper notebooks = 6 EUR
gifts for children (a small statue or a poster of the Buddha) = 12 EUR
a board game for the ārāma to develop good qualities of the kids = 28 EUR
Dhamma books for children = 60 EUR

The contact to support projects and activities of the Association Karuṇā Sevena: 6855804001/5500, IBAN: CZ6755000000006855804001, SWIFT: RZBCCZPP  - The funds are used to cover the basic monastic needs of the Venerable bhikkhunī Visuddhi, such as - robe, food, medicine and abode (this also covers transportation, accommodation, air tickets, etc.). Distribution of books, construction of the meditation room, the furnishing of the monastery KS, insurance, utility bills, etc. Tax deductible in the Czech Republic. Please state the reason for the donation with the following note" For the Association KS."

The contact for the project Suriya Lamai: 6855679001/5500, IBAN: CZ4955000000006855679001, SWIFT: RZBCCZPP

- The intention of the project Suriya Lamai “The Children of the Sun” is to enable children from poor families to develop and educate themselves and to provide them with basic needs. The donation is tax deductible in the Czech Republic.

Neither of the above is a public collection, and therefore we ask all donors to add their contact information to their gift, so that we can issue a donation agreement contract or a donation receipt. We thank all the donors.

Link to the Paypal for foreign donors:

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